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Cool nail decals by Harriet Grey




Being really picky about my finger nails – they have to be super short, and I can’t stand chipped nail varnish – I rarely paint them. Admittedly I’m also too lazy to go somewhere to have them done professionally, so, instead I’ve been contemplating nail decals.

My current favourites are these fab animal illustrations by Harriet Grey. As as dedicated crazy bunny lady, I love her rabbit ones but am just as impressed with her dog and cat motifs.

£8 for 40 decals 

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Inspirational gallery: 60s bangs

Marianne Faithfull Leaves Court



60s bangs60s fringe

Jenni BoydMarianne-Faithfull

60s fringe



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LuxeBC – great for problem skin care brands


I’m forever looking for shops that sell a wide range of facial care for skin as crap as mine (red, dry, patchy – you name it). I’m always  keen desperate to try out new stuff too, and my latest discovery is LuxeBC, who stock a whole range of organic or natural products.

The Alba Botanica aloe and green tea moisturiser is definitely top of my wish list, it’s packed with aloe vera and is hypoallergenic, which sounds perfect.

Having been brought up on their products, Weleda is still one of my favourite brands and this site seems to stock all of my best-loved Weleda products like the wild rose smoothing day cream at a decent price.

While browsing around I also came across a brand called Mad Hippie, which gets top marks on lots of customer review sites. Their vitamin c serum comes without any chemicals, parabens, synthetic colour or fagrance. I’m intrigued!

Do you know any good products for super dry and red skin? Have you order from LuxeBC before? What did you think?


mad hippie

Beauty Vintage what I wore

The 60s fringe is back

60s fringe

60s hair fringe60s fringe

After growing out my long 60s-inspired fringe for the last year, I’ve finally relented and had it cut back in. I enjoyed having just plain old straight hair but it did look incredibly dull and a little to nondescript modern, so when I walked past my local salon Chaps & Dames and they could spontaneously fit me in, I just went for it. Ah, much better!

Beauty Vintage

How to do a contemporary early 70s make-up look

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Beauty Vintage

Inspirational gallery: 60s make-up


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Every day make-up for problem skin

My skin isn’t exactly brilliant (hello super dryness and rosacea) but over the years I have found a quick make-up routine that works for me, doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and has a slight hint of 60s to it – and all for problem skin.

You can see from the first picture how I look completely sans make-up. Generally the worst affected rosacea areas are my cheeks, the rest of my face is ok bar a few spots and general dryness, which is why I make sure I prep it well before applying my foundation. I tend to use face creams that are hypo-allergenic as these work best, and one of my favourites is La Roche-Posay’s Toleraine Ultra, around £14 (most Boots will stock this). It’s for ultra sensitive skin and really soothes and moisturises all day long.

For the eye area I use Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (£20), which transforms into a gel when you apply it, perfect as I wear contact lenses. I’ve tried out other eye creams, such as the No 7 one and the one by Benefit but this one gives much better results. Lastly, I use a primer, the Shu Uemura Underbase Mousse (£29), which leaves my skin smooth and has a spf of 30. It’s not cheap but one bottle usually lasts me around a year, so really it’s worth the investment.

My foundation of choice is Boots No 7 Stay Perfect (£14). I used their matching service where they zap you with a little machine to find your perfect shade, and the one that was recommended for me really is the best matching foundation I’ve ever had.

Stay Perfect gives medium coverage, which is perfect for most of my face but can’t quite even out my skin tone on my cheeks. As concealers I use a tiny smudge of Maybelline Super Stay concealer (£6) under my eyes and the amazing Vichy Dermablend (£15) on my cheeks. Dermablend is a  full-coverage make-up that will cover absolutely anything from scars to tattoos and redness –  remember that Zombie Boy video? Yeah that’s the one!  I use the tiniest of drops on each cheek, which completely evens out my skin tone.

I always set my face with a little powder, currently I’m using the No 7 light loose powder (£10). Now that I’ve taken all the colour out of my face, I’m putting it back in with a little blusher – my favourite is the Benefit Coralista (£23), which matches my skin’s natural slightly orange undertone.

Next up, eye brows. I basically don’t have any, partially cause I’m naturally very light-haired, and partially, well I have no idea to be honest. I’ve tried lots of different methods from having them dyed (made no difference at all) to using special brow pencil (a smudgy, sweaty mess), so I now use the brow wax that comes with Benefit’s Smokin’ Eyes kit (£28.50) and then pencil in the gaps with the light brown eye shadow powder of the Big Beautiful Eyes kit (£24.50, also Benefit). This way my eye brows stay put all day.

Lastly I add my eye make-up. I always wear a thick 60s flick, Rimmel’s Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner £5.29) is perfect and creates a thick line that won’t smudge or fade. I use the Max Factor Kohl pencil (£4.25) to highlight my lower eye line and then generally coat both lower and upper lashes in Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara (£18.50).

And there you have it! It takes me about ten minutes to do this, and I really like the end result – it covers my flaws without being mask-like and still adds a hint of 60s to my every day look.

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Review: The ghd air hairdryer

I have to admit, I rarely used to blow dry my hair. Firstly, I’m not too fond of the overly blow-dried, super straight look, which isn’t quite Sixties enough for me,  but more importantly, the old, no-name hair dryer I had took about 30 minutes to dry my rather thick, long hair. That’s getting up 30 minutes earlier in the morning – I frankly couldn’t be bothered.

So I was really thrilled when I was asked to try out the new ghd air hairdryer. At £99, this is essentially a professional piece of kit, with a super strong motor and advanced technology for softer, shinier results.

Although fairly large, I was impressed by how easy to hold and handle it is. Best of all, it has a 3m power cable, so I could plug it in the hallway and blow dry my hair in front of the bathroom mirror – excellent!

The hair dryer also comes with two nozzles and various heat and power settings. I blow dried my hair without a nozzle for a more untamed style, on the top heat and power setting, and it took less than two minutes to be completely dry.

I’d only prepped my hair with a heat protector, and as promised, the ghd air hairdryer really delivered a nearly frizz free result I’d never been able to achieve before, especially since I didn’t use a brush and just wildly blow dried away.

The hairdryer also has a very handy cool shot button, which deliveres a cold blast of air perfect to set your hair style. I really love this feature, and I not only use it as my final blow drying step but also to set my favourite Sixties up-do’s: a quick layer of hair spray followed by a cold blast – done!

Although £99 is a lot to invest in a hairdryer, I know this one is going to last me for years. If you regularly have your hair professionaly blown out, then this will be a great alternative. But even just for regular use it’s well worth it – I can’t quite remember who I’ve ever lived without it!


Beauty Vintage

New vintage cool on Kingsland Road: Rockalily Cuts

My friend ReeRee has just opened a vintage, retro and rockabilly hair salon on London’s Kingsland Road, so today I went along to check out Rockalily Cuts. The little salon is decked out with some lovely vintage touches, such as Art deco dressing tables and a fab picture of ReeRee’s grandparents on their wedding day.

If vintage or retro hair styles are your thing, or if you’ve ever wanted to try out a Sixties up-do like Joan Holloway or if you’ve always wanted to get a proper Forties hair cut, do check it out. The girls can advice you on colour too and gents are just as welcome.

I had to leg it in the end before stylist Lucie could talk me into cutting in a fringe – I’ve only just grown mine out!

PS: how cute is shop dog Ellington?


Beauty Vintage

Tried and tested: The Sculpture Pin Curler

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to try and test the Sculpture Pin Curler, a new gadget to help you roll the perfect pin curls. Although I mainly wear my hair straight in a Sixties style, I do occasionally pin-curl it for a Thirties look or to get some volume into a Sixties up-do.

Saying that, it doesn’t happen all too often which is why I’m pretty crap when it comes to pin curling (aching arms anyone?) so I was rather curious to test out the Pin Curler. The curler is essentially a plastic tube with tiny ‘teeth’ on either side. You simply hook in your hair ends in the teeth, roll your hair around the tube and slide off to get a pin curl. It’s a no brainer, and as the Curlers come in different sizes (each pack contains a small and a larger one)  allowing to roll anything from tiny to big curls,  a really easy way of setting your hair in no time.

The Pin Curler also comes with two booklets which not only explain what setting agents to use but also provide setting patterns and explain the different ways of setting from creating under curls to more complicated styles.

So is it useful? Definitely! I would really recommend the Curler to anyone who’s new to setting their hair or who – just like me – only sets their hair occasionally and can’t do pin curls quite as quickly.

The Sculpture Pin Curler costs $35 and ships over from Australia within a week.

Beauty Vintage

Hair inspiration: my favourite blondes

I’m a natural blonde although I fully admit I’ve been dying my rather mousey natural tone in a variety of blonde shades over the years. To decide which shade to go for  – at the moment a darker blonde – I usually take inspiration from my favourite blondes.

There really have mainly been three women whose blonde tresses have been a continuous inspiration for me. The first one – muse behind my current, fairly dark honey blonde shade – is Sixties model Pattie Boyd (pictured above). We have similar colouring and her honey tones suite me, plus the darker, less brassy shade goes perfectly with my Sixties-inspired style.

Moving on to number two – Brigitte Bardot. I know, a total blonde hair cliché but when it comes to a lighter, sun-kissed colour, no one did it better than her! I used to dye my hair her colour and am still thinking about going back, it looks great when wearing black, which I do a lot.

My last favourite and the inspiration behind going redish-blonde last year is natural ginger blonde Jane Asher. Although I don’t think I’ll ever go proper red again (too much upkeep) I would love to add some reddish tones to my current shade.

If you need some tips on picking the right blonde shade for you, check out this video guide from Garnier. There are some really solid tips from looking at what kind of jewellery you wear to what suits more mature skin.

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What I got up to: Claire Hair and Crimson Heart

I took a day off from the day job yesterday to get my hair cut and list some more places on The Vintage Guide. As always Claire of Claire Hair did a fab job and giving me a sharp crop, plus I love sitting in her living room, chatting vintage over a cup of tea.

Afterwards I was off to Leonard Street to check out new vintage cafe-cum-shop Crimson Heart. There’s a little tea room downstairs where you can have coffee and home-made cake. I was really won over my the eclectic decor – kitsch Fifties paintings and a disco ball? I’m sold! Upstairs owner Mia sells vintage home deco, mostly midcentury, from tea sets to old hair dryers. She has an excellent eye for interesting details and prices are excellent given its trendy location. I bought a little orange Sixties lamp – perfect for my bed-side table.

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