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Phwoar: 60s photoshoot “Be My Baby” in Lula

I absolutely love the “Be My Baby” shoot in the current Lula Magazine. The Sixties make-up and hair is spot on and model Edie Campbell looks just like Pattie Boyd – best shoot I’ve seen all year.

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Cheerio Company!

I’m really thrilled to be featured in this month’s Company Magazine. The feature focuses on the Vintage City Network, an advertising collective I co-founded as publisher of The Vintage Guide to London together with the wonderful ladies of Vintage Manchester, Vintage Brighton and Vintage Norwich.

I hope you enjoy our top shopping tips!

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L’Officiel de la mode – archive now online

French magazine L’Officiel de la mode has made its entire archive (from the 20s to today) available online. While I love flicking through the 60s issues I most love th incredible late 20s and 30s editions with their brilliant art deco styling.


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And here’s my new project…

I’ve added another vintage site to my growing, errr, ‘portfolio’. I have taken over as publisher and editor-in-chief of – an online magazine about all things vintage, which I used to edit a few years ago.

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Sixty years of Bunte Magazine

German gossip magazine Bunte is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a special archive page. I particularly love that they’ve scanned all their covers – it’s really fascinating to flick through, there are plenty of great fashion shots and celebrity pics worth having a look at.

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60s and 70s Playboy fashion spreads

We recently bought some Sixties and Seventies Playboy magazines as deco for our late Sixties themed bedroom. Now if you expect lots of smut and nudity you’ll be surprised to find the magazines consist of mainly features and short stories with the odd boob thrown in. Maybe guys weren’t lying when they said they only read it for the interviews…
I am however most taken by the fashion spreads and ads, there are some brilliant ones I just had to share.


Yeah in 1968 you wore your Wranglers seriously tight,

Advertising cotton shirts with a dude wearing an eye patch and holding a tiger cub totally works for me.

Amazing trousers.

1968: a time when women clung to your shorts…

…and your hot secretary was waiting for your instructions…

I love this 1972 fashion spread on college wear:

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Sixites inspiration – Marie Claire fashion spread

Lovely 60s-style fashion spread in the September issue of UK Marie Claire. Styling by Des Lewis. If only I could afford Sonia Rykiel…

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Magazines I like: Betty

I’ve recently come across a new online magazine, Betty. With its whimsical, girly illustrations and design it reminds me of one of my all-time favourite reads, Lula.

Betty features a very well chosen mix of vintage, independent and designer while following the classic magazine blueprint of interviews, reviews, recipes and fashion spreads. The first issue convinced me with interesting topics such as the Womens Institute, DJ duo The Broken Hearts and a feature on iconic Bettys such as Betty Page.

Also in the mix: recipes for afternoon tea, street style pictures and a book review.

I really great read – check out issue 1 here.

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Tinted view

Love these Mercura glasses! Nice shoot on lovely mag Contentmode by Lara Jade.

art & photography & illustration Culture magazines I like

If Mad Men did a photo shoot

It would look like this shoot for Vogue US July 2010 with Natalia Vodianova and Ewan McGregor by Peter Lindbergh. It’s very much life chez Drapers, just that here the wife does the cheating.

via Fashion Gone Rogue

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Model behaviour

German women’s mag Brigitte has pledged to not use models any more. Instead, their fashion spreads will feature everyday women of all ages, ethnicities and sizes. Now Brigitte isn’t the most fashion forward magazine out there, I’ve never for example seen a ‘rock-chic’ spread so boring and conservative that it makes leather look like something you’d wear to a job interview in civil service. Which is why I am all the more surprised about their decision to ban models from their pages. PR stunt? Surely, but it’s also quite a revolutionary step for such a mainstream publication.

Are we – after the size zero Noughties – really tired of seeing skinny, predominantly white, mostly young girls in our fashion spreads? Well, I am. Which is why I increasingly read independent magazines, blogs and online zines rather than the biggies of the fashion press. Fashion has changed. It’s become democratic. Thanks to the internet street style and individual fashion looks have become as influential as the ever more recycled retro trends we see on the catwalks. So perhaps Brigitte is right to kick off the new decade with a magazine which shows that beauty too has become a democratic entity.

What do you think? Here are some of the girls who would like to model for Brigitte:



Culture magazines I like

I admit I do read Playboy…

Playboy is celebrating the Simpson’s 20th anniversary of putting Marge on the cover. I’ve always loved old issued of Playboy, so inspirational in terms of hair and make-up!





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