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World Cup Fashion – vintage WAG style

It’s nearly time for the Football World Cup, which I am rather excited about. According to Betfair, my team of choice (um, Germany) is looking like they have a strong chance to win it all this year.

While I’m looking forward to all the, hopefully excellent, football, I also really love going through the archives and looking at past styles, both old-school football shirts but also the vintage WAG fashion of the Sixties and Seventies.

If you’re thinking of supporting your team the retro way, I highly recommend Austrian online shop Klang & Kleid for a huge variety of vintage-inspired shirts for both men and women as well as UK-based site Toffs, who stock an equally impressive range of retro shirts.

But back to WAG fashion and style inspiration – point in case, the amazing Tina Moore. Married to England legend Bobby Moore, Tina was one of the first footballer’s wives the media took an interest in, particularly during the 1966 World Cup. With her strawberry blonde hair and Carnaby Street finest, Tina looked every inch the cool Sixties dolly bird.




Also high on my list of best dressed is Pat Labone. Her wedding and honeymoon to Brian Labone fell right in World Cup 66 phase so Brian turned down his place in the England squat and went ahead with the wedding. Ah the romance! I love Pat’s amazing Sixties bouffant and mod-ish knee-length skirts, a great example of Sixties every day style.




Last on my list is actor Susan George, who dated legendary footballer George Best during the late Sixties and early Seventies. The talented actor, who also dated the likes of Prince Charles and Rod Stewart, famously starred in controversial thriller Straw Dogs alongside Dustin Hoffman. Her glamorous late Sixties style epitomises the jet-set WAG lifestyle while still looking natural and cool.



Culture style muse

Style muse: Candice Bergen





Another one of my style muses is the American actor and model Candice Bergen. She started our modelling in the mid to late Sixties, and to me she’s the perfect embodiment of the effortlessly stylish, casual American blonde.


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Style muse: Pamela Des Barres

I love Pamela Des Barres and her uber cool late 60s and early 70s style. I so need a flower head piece!

style muse

Style muse: Monica Vitti

Italian actress Monica Vitti had the most amazing style in the Sixties and Seventies. Her wild blonde hair is right up there with Bardot’s mane when it comes to out-of-bed-hair and her black eyeliner is always just right.

Culture style muse

Vidoes that influenced my style: No Doubt – Don’t Speak

I recently came across No Doubt’s ‘Don’t Speak’ video while browsing on YouTube, a video I hadn’t watched in well over a decade. But it instantly brought back memories of my teenage self glancing admiringly at Gwen Stefani. I loved watching this video (although I never actually liked the song) for exactly three reasons:

1) Her finger waves. Until that point I hadn’t seen a modern person wear a vintage hairstyle. It didn’t even occur to me that you could mix old styles with modern clothes (doh, yeah I know, I did grow up in the middle of nowhere). It quite radically changed my idea of style and prompted various trips to the local library – this was pre-internet -to research vintage hair and make-up.

2) Her Forties-inspired tea dress. God did I love that dress. It was perfectly 90s grunge but had all the trimmings of a vintage number – the cut, the buttons, the print. It started a continuous obsession with dresses and well, dresses with buttons.

3) Her red lipstick. Gwen  – and Courtney Love to be fair – singlehandedly demonstrated that red lipstick wasn’t just old lady territory or a terrible remnant of the 80s. It was cool. I’ve worn it ever since.

Culture style muse Vintage

Style muse: Julie Christie

Effortlessly beautiful Julie Christie is one of my favourite style muses and 60s icons.

Culture style muse

Style muse: Benedetta Barzini

Culture style muse Vintage

Style muse: Claudia Cardinale

Culture style muse

Style muse: Chantal Goya


Culture style muse Vintage

Inspirational gallery: 60s/70s does 20s

Culture style muse

Style muse: Barbara Streisand in the 60s

Once, while waiting for a train in Munich, an elderly lady came up to me and said I looked exactly like Barbara Streisand. I was fairly offended. It’s only been recently that I finally realised Barbs was really rather stylish in the Sixties – how much do I love the see-through black suit with white Pater Pan collar that she wore when she won an Oscar!

Culture style muse Vintage

Style muse: Catherine Deneuve

I love Catherine Deneuve and I’m obsessed with her YSL black and white dress in Belle de Jour.

Images: Google and Classiq


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