World Cup Fashion – vintage WAG style

It’s nearly time for the Football World Cup, which I am rather excited about. According to Betfair, my team of choice (um, Germany) is looking like they have a strong chance to win it all this year.

While I’m looking forward to all the, hopefully excellent, football, I also really love going through the archives and looking at past styles, both old-school football shirts but also the vintage WAG fashion of the Sixties and Seventies.

If you’re thinking of supporting your team the retro way, I highly recommend Austrian online shop Klang & Kleid for a huge variety of vintage-inspired shirts for both men and women as well as UK-based site Toffs, who stock an equally impressive range of retro shirts.

But back to WAG fashion and style inspiration – point in case, the amazing Tina Moore. Married to England legend Bobby Moore, Tina was one of the first footballer’s wives the media took an interest in, particularly during the 1966 World Cup. With her strawberry blonde hair and Carnaby Street finest, Tina looked every inch the cool Sixties dolly bird.




Also high on my list of best dressed is Pat Labone. Her wedding and honeymoon to Brian Labone fell right in World Cup 66 phase so Brian turned down his place in the England squat and went ahead with the wedding. Ah the romance! I love Pat’s amazing Sixties bouffant and mod-ish knee-length skirts, a great example of Sixties every day style.




Last on my list is actor Susan George, who dated legendary footballer George Best during the late Sixties and early Seventies. The talented actor, who also dated the likes of Prince Charles and Rod Stewart, famously starred in controversial thriller Straw Dogs alongside Dustin Hoffman. Her glamorous late Sixties style epitomises the jet-set WAG lifestyle while still looking natural and cool.



Making my own bespoke shoes with The Colour Studio





Last week I was invited for an evening of bespoke shoe design with Colour Studio, the bespoke colouring service from British bridal shoe brand Rainbow Club.

We could not only choose from trimmings such as lace, feathers or glitter but could also pick a colour which was then custom mixed for us. I came up with a rather random red shoe with little toddles and a tiny black bow, inspired by the Sixties.

Lucily Colour Studio had also prepared a pair of shoes we’d previously chosen. I went for these point flats in a deep orange. They are fab!

On the hunt for a retro swimsuit

50s swimsuits

As much as I love Sixties fashion, when it comes to swimwear I can’t even pretend I’d ever be wearing a Sixties-style, skimpy bikini. I would love to, trust me, but with all my body hang-ups it’s hard enough to convince myself to wear a swimsuit at all.

After years of avoiding all situations that could require me to wear one and staying well away from pools and beaches, I’ve thankfully finally found a type of swimsuit I actually like: the retro Fifties swimsuit with high legs, a halterneck and flattering ruching details.

A few years ago I found such a number on some online shop or another but much to my dismay, it quite literally fell apart after just a few leisurely swims in the local pool.

Now with summer well and truly here, I’m on the hunt for a suitable, equally retro replacement. Yesterday, on my lunchtime-salad-run to M&S, I actually found one I really like, a simple black underwired halterneck. I like that it has proper boobage support rather than just flimsy strings, yet it doesn’t look like a sports swimsuit either. Plus it’s suitably plain to be dressed up in all sorts of styles, I can see it looking good with a big, late Sixties kaftan thrown on over it.

retro swimsuit


M&S didn’t have this particular one in my size in shop, so I’ve been browsing the Marks & Spencer swimwear section to see if I can order it from there.

While having a look, I actually found another swimsuit I like – and maybe even prefer –  this blue and white spotted number which makes me think of a young Bardot , you know –  a straw hat, big beach hair and red lipstick. This swimsuit has much thinner straps than the other one but comes with handy ‘tummy control’, ehrm. I normally stay well-away from anything polka dot, to me it has become such a vintage cliche on the same level as say, bunting or cup cakes.


So what to do? Which one would you go for?


spotted 50s style swimsuit

bardot straw hat



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