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The Friday Five: Tayloring in La Dolce Vita, dolls of the 60s, PanAm outfits, London’s coolest club and to dye or not to dye

I loved reading this fab post on tailoring as a signifier of changing masculinity and the identity as flaneur in La Dolce Vita on Clothes on Film.

My new favourite Tumblr is The Dolls of the 1960s. I have to restrain myself from not reposting a million Pattie Boyd pictures…


Helga and Vix both did PanAm inspired outfits. Amazing!

Fascinating article on 60s It club The Cromwellian on Voices of East Anglia. It has been added to my list of places to visit when they finally invent time travel. Hurry up Cox!

These fab pictures of Hannah really make me want to dye my hair red again. Should I?


Friday Five Lifestyle

The Friday Five: women in tuxedos, hats in Bonnie and Clyde, space age HI-FIs, witchcraft in 60s suburbia and fashist women’s image

Brilliant blog The Theatre of Fashion once again showcases a fascinating facet of fashion history, this time the story behind women in tuxedos. Utterly interesting!

Clothes on Film features a brilliant post on hats as identity defining props in films using the example of Bonnie and Clyde.

Voices of East Anglia has this fab round-up of space age Hi-Fi equipment. I need an Audio Egg – it’s brilliant!

I utterly love this great feature on witches in suburbia, 1964. Fascinating pictures. Via the fab Sighs and Whispers.

Deeply fascinating post on cover images of Nazi magazine Frauen Warte on How to Be A Retronaut. I’ve previously written about Forties Fashion in Germany and the Nazi ideal of a wholesome mother and housewife in traditional peasant dress. Interestingly I looked at old family pictures of the time recently and neither my grandmother nor her friends wore traditional dress, even though they did live in the countryside. My grandmother’s sister was a skilled dressmaker and made most of their clothing – in very fashionable patterns and Rayon silk.


Friday Five Lifestyle

The Friday Five: New blog love, Cindy Sherman for MAC, 60s Latin look, Vintage Festival outfits and the £4 dress

I am so excited I found Elsa Billgren’s blog – best hair ever and how amazing are her outfits?

Cindy Sherman is one of my favourite photographers, her explorations into the history of portraits, female stereotypes, Hollywood and the pleasure of dressing up have always fascinated me and are all aspects I can relate to. So I’m really excited she has collaborated with make-up brand MAC. The jumbo eye liner, which is part of the collection (in stores now) is on top of my wish list.

The amazing Vintage-a-Peel has scanned a fab Latin-inspired photo shoot from 1969. I can’t tell you how much I love this Jean Varon dress.

My amazing friend Margaret from Penny Dreadful Vintage has some brilliant pictures from July’s Vintage at Southbank Festival. I love this picture of The Doc and me. Do check out her other shots, I truly have the best dressed friends!

My gorgeous friend Charly from Land Girl 1980 has such a knack when it comes to finding charity shop gold. How fab is this £4 dress and why do I only ever find crap?


Friday Five

The Friday Five: a 60s rain coat, The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers, Barbarella, 40s inspired autumn shoes and 70s bedroom set

God I love this amazing 60s-style rain coat Cali Vintage is wearing at New York Fashion Week.

Fab screen shots from The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers over on Dial V for Vintage.

More fantastic film stills – this time from Barbarella – over on Penny Dreadful Vintage. Oh Jane Fonda, what a babe!

Retro Chick has a great round-up of vintage-inspired shoes for autumn. These red bow ones from Office are my favourites.

This 1970 Drexel bedroom set is one of my psychedelic dreams come true. Via Retro Renovation.



Friday Five

The Friday Five: The 30s revealed, outfits that make me swoon, animal print across the decades, Art Deco dream house and berets

Brilliant post about how our glamorous image of the Thirties doesn’t reflect the reality of the decade on Bake Do & Mend.

I love what Harriett and Aimee wore while strolling on Columbia Road Flower Market (via Bright Young Twins).

A fantastic round of animal print fashion across the decades over on Child of the Moon, including this fab picture of BB in a leopard print coat.

Basically I need to be rich. Just so I can live in a spectacular house like this nine bedroom Art Deco beauty now on sale in London. It’s just under £7 million, bargain! Via Wow House.

What a brilliant image of a beret wearing 30s girl. I love berets, so does The Vintage Baroness.


Friday Five

The Friday Five: new book on 60s and 70s hair and make-up, Chinoiserie in fashion, James Bond book covers, fab 60s outfit and afternoon tea

My discovery of the week was the forthcoming how-to book Decades of Style about 60s and 70s make-up and hairstyles by hair stylist and make-up artist Lexi DeRock. It’ll be available from Amazon from September. I cannot wait to get this!

I loved reading this excellent and thoughtful article on notions of orientalism, chinoiserie and the exotic in fashion by the Theatre of Fashion.

I loved reading this fab post by Margaret on Penny Dreadful Vintage about the cover art of the Ian Fleming James Bond books. Wouldn’t these be fab framed? I’m still decorating the new flat, maybe a James Bond bathroom…

Ah what a fab outfit over on Calivintage, I love the pilgrim shoes!

Tea Time In Wonderland reviewed a Gentlemens’ afternoon tea at The Mandeville. Mini cheeseburgers, banana cake and meringue (part of the ladies’ version) for £26.50 each.
I so want to go!



Friday Five

The Friday Five: Make do and Mend, Uschi Obermayer, Peter Wyngarde, being an AgeUK befriender and Loren in Arabesque

Child of the Moon has a great post on women’s roles and make do and mend during WWII in Britain and the US – brilliant images!

Great pictures of my favourite German Sixties siren, the incredible Uschi Obermayer over on (Diet) Coke and Sympathy

As always, Miss Peelpant’s ‘mensday’ post has me swooning. This week it’s all about Peter Wyngarde. Say what you want about the ‘tache, his outfits are phenomenal!

Landgirl1980’s story of how she became an AgeUK befriender really touched me so much so I’m thinking about signing up myself.

Brilliant film stills from Arabesque (1966) with Sophia Loren over on Penny Dreadful Vintage




Friday Five

The Friday Five: Topshop a/w 11, Louboutin historical portraits, a fine outfit, 60s go-go and Pucci

LesMads showcase Topshop’s autumn 2011 lookbook. Really interesting Rockabilly and Seventies influences. I love this whole look – yellow bow tie dress? Amazing!

These re-imagined fashion portraits by photographer Peter Lippmann  for Louboutin are really fascinating with their minute detailing and historic costumes – via Style Bubble

What a lovely rainy day outfit by A Curious Fancy!

Margaret from Penny Dreadful Vintage and I went 60s go go dancing last week – she’s put together some amazing images and videos

Great blog post on Pucci prints by Child of the Moon


Friday Five

The Friday Five – 60s hair, Bardot, pussy bow blouses, Danielle Scutt and going for a drink

I totally love Casey’s 60s inspired pony tail tutorial.

Dial V for Vintage has some amazing screenshots of one of my favourite ever films, Goaddard’s Le Mepris (1963) starring the incredible Brigitte Bardot.

Margaret from Penny Dreadful Vintage has selected some amazing vintage pussy bow blouses all available to buy now.

Great post by the Theatre of Fashion on jeweller Danielle Scutt and her muses.

A fantastic collection of paintings and photographs of people in bars throughout the decades over on Weimar.



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