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Style muse: Candice Bergen





Another one of my style muses is the American actor and model Candice Bergen. She started our modelling in the mid to late Sixties, and to me she’s the perfect embodiment of the effortlessly stylish, casual American blonde.


Fashion highstreet wish list

Topshop Boutique: hello there Sixties

floral tunic Topshop

topshop boutique

silver loafers

I do cringe practically whenever I get a newsletter announcing a highstreet brand has done a ‘vintage’ collection, simply cause they never ever seem to come up with anything remotely vintage-looking or reminiscent of a particular era – too much pastiche, too little style.

So I wasn’t exactly expecting much when the latest Topshop newsletter announced its Boutique brand had gone vintage for the summer. Yet much to my surprise the collection includes some extremely wearable, Sixties-inspired pieces and Seventies-influenced jump suits.

I particularly like the floral-print dresses and amazing silver heeled loafers. I can just see the teamed with white chunky tights and a little black dress.



Me and my opaques or why tights are my style staple



60s tights

I live in tights pretty much all year round. This is partially cause it very rarely is warm enough in London to go with bare legs and partially cause I really don’t like mine. Legs that is. Annoyingly spider veins run in my family, and I’ve had my first ones since my early Twenties.

Bad legs aside though, I also really like the look of tights, wearing them with a dress is such an easy way of pulling together an outfit. Tights were hugely fashionable as part of the mid-Sixties dolly bird look and are a great way of adding a vintage feel to a simple dress.

To recreate a Sixties feel, either colour match your tights to your outfit  – so go all yellow for example – or deliberately clash colours. Wearing a black and white look – think black dress & white tights or a white dress paired with black and white polka dot tights – also has a real Sixties feel.

One of the best online shops for tights I know is the aptly named They have a huge selection ranging from basic opaques – I always go for 100 denier and plus – in lots of colours t0 white tights in cable-knit. Unlike a lot of other tights, theirs seem to survive frequent washing without losing elasticity (there’s nothing worse than having to pull up your tights all day long) and come in a decent range of sizes. Easy!

red tights

white tights



What I’ve been up to lately according to Instagram

Yoko Ono



Pleasure beach




1. Plastic Ono Band 2. Hanging out with Ethel the rabbit 3. Getting soaked on water ride Valhalla on Blackpool Pleasure Beach 4. In love with the 60s psychedelic Alice in Wonderland ride 5. Wearing a braid for a family dinner 6. Barges in Garstang, North West England 7. Playing 80s board games


homeware Vintage

Amazing 60s home deco by Jane Foster

70s cushions

green cushion



sausage dog


I’m a huge fan of designer Jane Foster and her amazing 50s, 60s and 70s inspired home deco. Jane designs, screen prints and sews from her studio in Devon using either vintage fabrics or her own designs.

Her apple and pear cushions are so amazing I drool over them in 5-minute intervals, not to mention the amazing toys and dolls she makes.

All images: Jane Foster 


Fashion wish list

Off to Marrakech – what to wear?



maxi dress







Although I got married in April, I haven’t yet been on honeymoon. The Doc and I went to Brighton right after the ceremony for a ‘minimoon’ by the sea but we’ve saved the big one for this autumn, a few weeks in Marrakech. I’m hugely excited as I’ve never been to Africa before and can’t wait to explore the desert and souks.

I am also just a tad lost as to what to actually wear, you see, I don’t really have a summer, let alone a holiday wardrobe. Living in London I essentially get away with not having one, I have a couple of maxi dresses I wear during summer  – read: the two warm days per year we get. But essentially I just wear the same dresses all year round while being permanently stuck in 120 denier tights, a look that might lead to imminent and quite literal melt down in 30 degrees.

Instead I imagine wearing something, unsurprisingly, Sixties just like France Gall (pictured) when she went to Marrakech in the late Sixties – maxi dresses,  kaftans and tunics.

After some googling, and much to my amazement, I realised there are companies that specialise entirely on holiday wardrobes, like who have a surprisingly good selection of stuff I would wear. I think these sort of basics like the maxi dress paired with my vintage kimonos are the way forward.

Do you have any style tips for me? What on earth does the 60s-loving, super sun-sensitive girl wear in the desert?


Beauty Vintage

Inspirational gallery: 60s bangs

Marianne Faithfull Leaves Court



60s bangs60s fringe

Jenni BoydMarianne-Faithfull

60s fringe



Find our more about the author on Google.


LuxeBC – great for problem skin care brands


I’m forever looking for shops that sell a wide range of facial care for skin as crap as mine (red, dry, patchy – you name it). I’m always  keen desperate to try out new stuff too, and my latest discovery is LuxeBC, who stock a whole range of organic or natural products.

The Alba Botanica aloe and green tea moisturiser is definitely top of my wish list, it’s packed with aloe vera and is hypoallergenic, which sounds perfect.

Having been brought up on their products, Weleda is still one of my favourite brands and this site seems to stock all of my best-loved Weleda products like the wild rose smoothing day cream at a decent price.

While browsing around I also came across a brand called Mad Hippie, which gets top marks on lots of customer review sites. Their vitamin c serum comes without any chemicals, parabens, synthetic colour or fagrance. I’m intrigued!

Do you know any good products for super dry and red skin? Have you order from LuxeBC before? What did you think?


mad hippie

Beauty Vintage what I wore

The 60s fringe is back

60s fringe

60s hair fringe60s fringe

After growing out my long 60s-inspired fringe for the last year, I’ve finally relented and had it cut back in. I enjoyed having just plain old straight hair but it did look incredibly dull and a little to nondescript modern, so when I walked past my local salon Chaps & Dames and they could spontaneously fit me in, I just went for it. Ah, much better!

shops I like wish list

Hervia sale – my top 5 picks

Jean Paul Gaultier

60s hat

horn sunglasses

Viktor & Rolf


black handbag

I never really look at designer clothes because they are mostly way too expensive for me, so I was positively surprised when I came across luxury apparel site Hervia. Their sale makes buying high-end brands that I really like – think Victor & Rolf or Jean Paul Gaultier – suddenly a lot more do-able.

100ish pounds for a dress is by no means cheap but given the quality, it would probably last a few years longer than the £50ish hightstreet dresses I bought a few years ago, and which have all ended up falling apart really quickly.

So if I had the dosh, here are my top five Hervia sales picks:
1. Jean Paul Gaultier dress $173, 2. Y-3 hat (love the 60s feel) $42.30, 3. Triwa horn sunglasses $88.45, 4. Viktor & Rolf pencil skirt $198.12, 5, AB leather bag $161.51

Vintage what I wore

What I wore – 70s kids TV presenter


dress detail

I totally watched too much 70s Sesame Street when I was a child because today’s outfit was definitely inspired by the kind of stuff the presenters would were.

1. 70s heart blouse, vintage 2. black pinafore dress, Little White Lies

events Lifestyle Vintage what I got up to

Future Cinema’s Saturday Night Fever – time to D.I.S.C.O.


Odyssey 2001

Sturday Night Fever

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