Review: Luxury Legs


After my recent ode to tights, I have to confess that I sometimes cheat on my opaques – with leggings. I know, so not vintage, unless maybe you’re Edie Sedgwick kind of cool, which I am not.

In my defense, leggings are just so damn comfortable. Especially when it’s hot and humid outside I like to wear mine with a shift dress and a pair of simple sandals.

Much like the perfect tights, the perfect leggings – pitch black, not too short, shape retaining after a few washes – are mystical garments incredibly hard to find, which is why I jumped at the chance to test out online shopping site

I picked two pairs of leggings, the Rendez-Vous Paris Leggings (£31.50) and the Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 100 Denier Leggings  (£19).

To justify their hefty price tag, the Rendez Vouz ones really did need to be quite special and really, they are. I got them in a size s as I think leggings need to be tight, and they fit just perfectly, the waist is not too high – my number one complaint about most leggings – the fabric is thick enough to be a dark black even as you sit down, and they feel so super soft I will probably never ever take them off ever again. If I have one niggle it’s that they are a few inches too long for my 5.3″, which I have solved by turning up the hem to the inside. I’ve also washed them a few times now and can’t see any changes at all – a definite winner!

The second pair by Pierre Mantoux are more like footless tights than leggings. At 100 deniers, they are still fairly opaque but feel much lighter than your average pair of leggings, which in the recent hot spell has been rather lovely. As they are made of a much lighter fabric, they are a lot less covering, so I’d not advise wearing them on their own like trousers unless you want your knickers to be on full show. However, they also do just fit perfectly, even length-wise, and really pull you in without being uncomfortable – I’m getting a lot of wear out of them paired with said shift dresses.

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  • July 26, 2013 - 6:08 am | Permalink

    I loved leggings when they first became ok to wear and bought lots of colours – but now I’ve seen to many people who wear them as a bad substitute for pants and then the ‘jeggings’ trend kinda made it worse… Oh well!

    • Lena
      July 26, 2013 - 8:53 am | Permalink

      I completely agree, wearing leggings as trousers is just aweful!

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